Education for Home Inspectors based on Dearborn Publishing's Principles of Home Inspection series of 13 subjects.  Each 5 credit section assigns reading from a portion of the applicable text and completion of an open book quiz.  Study at your own pace and then take the online quiz.  Two attempts are allowed to pass each quiz.  After the open book quiz is successfully passed with a score of 80% or higher, a certificate of completion is issued.  You have one year from purchase of a course to complete the course and exam.

Textbooks are available through this site and other sources.   The majority of the textbooks are paperback books and contain numerous illustrations to help further demonstrate the topics.  These are a great resource for the building professional well beyond coursework.   Refer to the individual course for required textbooks.  We recommend that you order the textbook with your first course.  We will promptly ship your textbook so you can get started.

The questions in the quizzes or final exams may be taken from any part of the required book or appendix and not necessarily the chapters read for a particular course.  Books, quizzes and final questions are supplied by the publisher,  Dearborn Publishing and are copyright protected.  No part of this course may be copied without written permission of the publisher and Inspections Unlimited, Inc.  If there are any questions regarding the content we will refer to the publisher for clarification.  Inspections Unlimited, Inc. is a certified education supplier for on-line and correspondence.